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A major purpose of the POPGRID Data Collaborative is to educate users about the different population and settlement data products, and to allow them to compare data sets in terms of data inputs and methods and the resulting grids. The tables available from the drop-down menu allow users to understand the inputs and approaches used for the population and settlement grids, while the POPGRID viewer is an online mapping application that allows users to compare the existing global or near-global population grids. A POPGRID urban extents viewer will be developed soon.

Mapping Tools


Enables direct comparison of different population data sets based on different data sources and methodologies. The tool incorporates a four-panel display  of six different data sets: the Gridded Population of the World (GPWv4.10) 2015 count developed by SEDAC; Landscan 2015 developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory; WorldPop Estimates 2014 from the WorldPop project; Global Human Settlement Population Grid 2015 (GHS-POP) developed by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and CIESIN; the Esri World Population Estimate 2016 (WPE); and the High Resolution Settlement Layer (HRSL) developed by the Facebook Connectivity Lab and CIESIN. A single-panel mode provides metadata and enables side-by-side comparison of population estimates. Developed under the auspices of the POPGRID Data Collaborative.